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On The Issues


As your State Representative, I will fight to bring infrastructure improvements to District 67 and all of Montgomery County. It is long past time to expand I-24. With over 9000 daily commuters to Nashville, we need a dedicated third lane from Clarksville to Nashville. Partnering with the City of Clarksville to complete the North-South Connector and partnering with Montgomery County to finish the 374 loop is essential in prepraing Clarksville for the future. I will work with TDOT to expand State Roads to reduce traffic and congestion within Clarksville.

Public Safety

Ensuring the safety of our neighborhoods and communities is crucial as Clarksville continues to grow. I will work to strengthen laws that protect law abiding citizens and the first responders who keep us safe.

Fiscal Responsibility

Keeping taxes low and keeping more money in your pocket is critical to the success of our community. As your State Representative I will make it a priority to keep taxes low and cut spending where it needs to be cut.


Our children are our future. I will work diligently to ensure that our schools are teaching our children what they need to be succesful and making sure our teachers have the tools they need to give our children the best education. Parents have rights and I will work to protect those rights. Ensuring we continue to receive our fair share of the new TISA Education funding will be essential to the continued success of our students.

Military & Veterans Issues

As 21-year veteran of the United States Army Infantry, I know first hand the struggles our Military, Veterans, and their families face. As your State Repsentative I will work tirelessly to support our military community.


America is a nation founded on Rule of Law. Illegal immigration continues to be a problem, both for the burden on our infrastructure, and our national security. I will champion efforts that de-incentivize illegal immigrant relocation to Tennessee, support the efforts of our brave Law Enforcement, and work to expand legislation that provides avenues to citizenship for those who seek America as the land of opportunity it is.

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