Campaign Platform

  1. I support commonsense criminal justice reform that will save the taxpayers money and produce better outcomes. 
    • We must ensure that we are rehabilitating those who are incarcerated, not just lock them up and throw away the key.  Over 95% of prisoners will eventually be released back into society.
    • We must fight against gang violence both in our correctional facilities and in our communities.
    • We must look closely at how we are housing juvenile offenders and avoid housing them with hardened criminals.
  2. I support term limits for state and federal officials.
  3. I am firmly pro-life.
    • I support SJR 127, a constitutional amendment to overturn and eliminate abortion protections in Tennessee.
    • I support cutting all state funding to Planned Parenthood.
  4. I will stand for the traditional definition of marriage overwhelmingly approved by Tennessee voters.
  5. I will stand and fight for religious freedom across Tennessee, and I will uphold the freedom of student religious groups to organize freely in schools and universities.
  6. I will continue to fight for veterans benefits.
  7. I will continue to support policies that encourage the best education for our children:
    • I support vouchers for struggling school districts.
    • I will fight for full BEP funding for our schools.
    • I support competitive teacher pay.
    • I will fight for the safety of our children on school buses.
    • I will work to ensure both students and teachers have tools for success in the classroom.
    • I support funding for STEM programs.
  8. I will work with the faith community to provide answers for drug addiction across the state.
  9. I oppose new taxes and will work to reduce those already in the books.
    • Maintain the sales tax cuts for grocery and food items
    • Lower the effective rate for franchise and excise taxes
    • Continue phasing-out the state Death Tax
    • Strengthen the state spending cap and reduce government waste
  10. In addition to my efforts to bring job creators such as Hankook Tire, Google, and LG to Clarksville, I will continue to support policies that promote job growth and invigorate our state economy, for both job creators and working families alike: 
    • Eliminate excessive government regulations and red tape on small businesses and employers
    • Keep Tennessee a Right-to-Work state and limit the influence of liberal big labor unions
    • Protect entrepreneurs from the damaging effects of frivolous lawsuits
  11. I stand for the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, and I support a Constitutional carry bill.
  12. I will fight for funding for solid infrastructure within our district, including much needed relief all across Clarksville to complete long overdue projects.  Our area is behind the curve on infrastructure, and this impacts our ability to attract companies to the district.
  13. With the many perils of illegal immigration there comes responsibility; therefore I will push for immigration enforcement at the local level and state level. 
    • Honor existing laws that ensure safe communities throughout our state
    • Maintain the ban on issuing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens
    • Require employers to verify the citizenship status of their employees
    • Ensure state and local police agencies notify federal immigration authorities when they believe an arrested criminal is an illegal alien
  14. With the impending collapse of the Affordable Care Act, we must protect the healthcare of those with and without insurance, while also exploring options that are not over-taxing on citizens. 
    • I will defend Tennesseans against the Affordable Care Act and protect each patient’s right to choose the level of health insurance that is best for them, regardless of any government mandate
    • I will oppose any attempts at a costly Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act
    • I support cracking down on frivolous lawsuits and further implementing Tort Reform
    • I will work to relieve doctors of needless government regulations so they can give their patients quality, individualized care without having to practice “defensive medicine”

I am a proud member of these organizations:

    - Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), lifetime member
    - Disabled American Veterans (DAV), lifetime member
    - American Legion
    - National Rifle Association (NRA)
    - Association of the United States Army (AUSA)
    - Tennessee Firearms Association

Service Roles:

    - Latinos for Tennessee, Chairman
    - Montgomery County GOP, Men's Co-Chair 2015-2017
    - Austin Peay State University Presidential Circle of Advisors
    - Montgomery County Chair for Ted Cruz for President
    - Clarksville Economic Development Council
    - Tennessee Youth Court, Board Member
    - Montgomery County Airport Liaison Committee
    - The Black Children's Institute Of Tennessee, Board Member
    - Austin Peay State University Hispanic Culture Center, Board Member
    - Military Affairs Committee for Clarksville Chamber of Commerce
    - Middle Tennessee AUSA, Board Member
    - Freedom Outreach International/Church of God, Board Member
    - Taking Back America on Patriot TV, former television host
    - State of Tennessee Disproportionate Minority Confinement Task Force (DMC), former Board Member



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