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Mayor Wes Golden Announces Endorsement of Tommy Vallejos for State Representative District 67

I am proud to announce my endorsement of Tommy Vallejos for State Representative in House District 67. Tommy is the best and most qualified choice to represent Clarksville’s District 67 due to his extensive involvement in our community over the past 20 years.

Alongside his calling as a pastor, Tommy Vallejos is especially committed in his mission to prevent crime and reduce criminal recidivism in our community. Tommy was appointed by the Governor to serve on the Board of Directors of TRICOR, a state-organized initiative which provides job skills training for prison inmates at no cost to the taxpayer. In addition to his current appointment, Tommy actively volunteers as a gang awareness teacher and mentor, including teaching anti-gang classes in our schools, and he currently works as a church outreach coordinator for Men of Valor, a faith-based organization that ministers to prisoners and mentors them after they are released.

Tommy’s efforts educating our community against gang violence and preparing prisoners for a law-abiding and productive reentry into society have most importantly made us safer by preventing both first-time and repeat crimes. These efforts to prevent crimes have also saved a considerable amount of Montgomery County and Tennessee taxpayer dollars by reducing the number of individuals who must pass through the courts and the correctional system.

As State Representative Tommy will work diligently to help us bring a much-needed Juvenile Justice Center to Montgomery County. This center will help to simultaneously reduce the cost and burden on our justice system and help us provide training and education to our juveniles. This facility will allow us to give those juveniles a second chance to get on the right path and break the vicious cycle of recidivism that many fall into.

Furthermore, Tommy Vallejos served very productively for eight years as a Montgomery County Commissioner and has made a positive impact serving with many non-profit community organizations, not only in Clarksville, but across Middle Tennessee. Tommy worked in the justice system as a board member of the Tennessee Youth Court to reduce the recidivism rate amongst Tennessee’s youth. He also served on the boards of the Nashville Area Hispanic Chamber, and the Clarksville EDC, all promoting business development and entrepreneurship in our region, as well on the board of the MWCHC, which provides affordable health care for underinsured and uninsured Middle Tennesseans. This broad experience in our community gives him the insight needed to listen compassionately and respond effectively to District 67’s needs.

I urge you all to go out and vote for Tommy Vallejos for State Representative in House District 67.


Wesley Golden
Montgomery County Mayor

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